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CBD and Your Skin

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My Introduction to CBD

My first exposure to CBD skincare was about four years ago when I helped develop a CBD based facial at my job. While the treatment smelled heavenly and relaxed my clients, I was uncertain if CBD had meaningful benefits for the skin. Furthermore, a lot of products on the market seemed to be heavy oils that I didn’t feel were appropriate for all skin types. While I understood CBD benefits for calming the mind and pain relief, I wasn’t completely sold on its place in skincare.

As a solo practitioner. I’ve allowed myself to re-examine treatments, modalities, and ideas that I’ve encountered over the course of my career. I love the benefits of Gua Sha and LED Light Therapy- which have taken my facials to the next level, so now I’m giving CBD based skincare another look as well.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC (the component that creates the feeling of being “high”), CBD does not have psychoactive effects on the mind. CBD is ingested in the form of tinctures or edibles, such as gummy candies, to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, and help the mind and body wind down for a more restful sleep.

CBD sometimes pairs with CBG, also known as cannabigerol. CBG is antioxidant rich, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and antifungal. These properties make it a great addition to help protect the skin against various extrinsic factors that can aggravate skin.

Topically, CBD is used in different types of salves to help with muscle discomfort. CBD is infused in everything from water and juices to honey as a convenient way to incorporate it into a holistic lifestyle.

When it comes to skincare, I don’t believe there is one single “magic” ingredient that can transform your appearance, so when CBD started to pop up in makeup, moisturizers, lips balms, and serums- I wanted to find out exactly how this benefited the skin. A quality skincare formulation blends several ingredients for them to work synergistically to achieve results.

What it Can do for Your Skin

It’s believed that CBD enhances the efficacy of active ingredients such as retinol or Vitamin C while creating a soothing buffer at the same time. CBD may also relieve visible redness, inflammatory acne, and itching (like eczema).

While quite rare, some people can be allergic to CBD, if you’re unsure it’s always smart to do a  patch test somewhere like the wrist or back of the ear before applying it to your entire face.

If you have any health concerns you feel may conflict with the usage of CBD skincare, always be safe and consult with your medical practitioner before starting a regimen.

Code of Harmony

I’ve begun to incorporate CBD based skincare in my treatment room at Lemon Lounge Skincare Studio to see how they mesh with the other facial products. I’ve chosen to work with Code of Harmony, a Long Beach, CA based brand, I feel like they are a worthwhile investment.

Code of Harmony has an extensive range of products, but I’ve started simply by introducing the Oil Cleanser Deluxe, Collagen Cream, and Copious Barrier Balm to my treatments. I find these three products have integrated seamlessly with my other skincare lines, which means they should integrate well with your products at home.

Oil Cleanser Deluxe

The Oil Cleanser Deluxe is fantastic at removing makeup and removing grime from the pores while leaving skin feeling baby soft. It also has a pleasant smell that immediately establishes a “chill vibes only” mood. In addition to 100mg of CBD, the Oil Cleanse Deluxe contains a luxe list of ingredients to calm, clear, and nurture your skin including Rice Bran Oil, Kukui Oil, Moringa Seed, Seabuckthorn, and Black Cumin Seed.

Collagen Cream

The Collagen Cream combines: 300mg of CBD and 300mg of CBG, vegan collagen and elastin, Blue Tansy, Squalene, and Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles. Whenever I end my facials with Collagen Cream, my clients look like their skin drank a tall glass of water, and appear absolutely radiant.

Copious Barrier Balm

Copious Barrier Balm is a rich hydrator for dry skin types. This balm protects the barrier of the skin without a greasy or sticky feel. Barrier Balm does an excellnt job at soothing chapped lips. I’m blown away by how hydrated my lips feel when I use this. This product contains 150mg of CBD, 150mg of CBG plus antioxidants, macadamia butter, and fatty acids which drive in hydration.

CBD is a non mind-altering substance derived from the hemp plant. It’s safe for almost all skin types, enhances the performance of your other products, and protects your skin’s barrier. If you suffer with dry skin or sensitized, then CBD based skincare is definitely worth adding to your routine.

I love the texture, scent, and performance of the Code of Harmony products I’ve introduced to my treatment room. Do you have any other questions about CBD? If so, keep your eyes on my Instagram for future posts, or let’s chat a bit more at your next facial!


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