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Four Ways to Sneak Face Massage Into Your Daily Skincare Routine

Do you watch reels of Gua Sha and jade rollers all day, clueless as to what is even happening? Face massage has many benefits and is a great way to kick your daily skincare routine up a notch. By spending just a few minutes each day on face massage, you can: soften the appearance of fine lines, increase blood flow and oxygen to the skin to enhance glow, release fascia, and help relieve muscle tension – I see you, teeth grinders and TMJ sufferers!

If you have acne lesions on your face, it’s important not to irritate them. You’ll need to massage around them to reach pressure points, using acupressure or Gua Sha underneath the acne to help remove waste material. Think you don’t have time to incorporate face massage into your routine? Think again! With these four simple methods, you’ll be calmer and sculpted in no time!

Cold therapy
This one is great for depuffing your face. You can use an ice roller or a cold jade roller, or double up using cold gloves over a sheet mask. If you do not have makeup on, massage with face balm or cleansing oil. If you do have makeup on, add this massage to your second cleanse.

Apply facial oil
You can literally do this one while laying in bed. Use your hands or Gua Sha, whichever you prefer. Focus on pressure points around the eyes, and make sure to do some neck stretches. I’d suggest using sea buckthorn, rosehip, or jojoba oils. These are user friendly for most skin types.

Release jaw tension
Many of us clench our jaws throughout the day – and you might not even realize you’re doing it. To release some of the tension this causes, first apply a warm towel to your jaw. Using your ring and middle fingers, begin at the temple and massage in firm circles, working your way down the side of your face to the little notice right before the ear lobe. Do this with your mouth open and closed to access different parts of the masseter muscles. Repeat 3 times. You can also use a Gua Sha mushroom or the tapered end of a Gua Sha stone in lieu of fingers, applying a small amount of preferred face oil first. Once finished, hold your palm flat against your neck and sweep all the way down to the shoulder, pausing once you get there for a few seconds. Repeat sweep 3 times.

Reach those acupressure points
Focusing on your acupressure points can help you sleep better and feel less anxious, and can also relieve your sinuses. These points include: between your brows, the middle of your forehead, the front of your tragus, beneath your ear lobes and eyes, and around your temples.

Not only are daily facial massages great for your skin, they are also a way to enjoy a moment of self care every day. As long as the pressure feels good to you, and your skin isn’t being irritated, try not to focus on doing the massage “right.” Instead, try to focus on feeling good in that moment. Ask your esthetician for tips during your next facial!

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