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Ten Ways to Get the Most Benefit From Your Facial

Spa Facial By Esthetician

Have you ever gone for a facial, and left less than satisfied with the whole experience? Maybe you’ve never gotten a facial because the process seems strange and unfamiliar to you.

In my treatment room, facials are a collaborative effort between my client and I. Whether you are a novice to skincare or a product aficionado, I strive to make everyone feel like an active participant in the process because after all- it’s YOUR face we are caring for.

My philosophy is that there are no stupid questions except for the ones not asked. I encourage my clients to take advantage of my expertise as much as they desire during each treatment. I want you to understand what we are working on and learn how to maintain that gorgeous glow afterwards. 

You totally have the right to surrender to relaxation over the course of your session. If that’s the facial you prefer, let me know to keep dialogue to a minimum. However, if you’re looking to be more proactive in your skin’s health and understand how to make progress, this post is for you. I believe you’ll find the tips below and easy cheat sheet that helps you communicate with your esthetician to get the most benefit from each facial treatment!


1. Know What Products You Currently Use at Home (Help Us Guide Today’s Facial)

Make it easy on yourself and snap a photo of your whole skincare routine to share with your esthetician. This will give your esthetician a comprehensive overview of how you care for your skin and if your routine includes products that specifically target your concerns. Want to boost your collagen and brighten your complexion, but don’t have a Vitamin C serum? Well, now I know exactly what to recommend to fit the gap in your skincare regimen! 

Also knowing what you use at home- and how often- allows me to construct a facial for you that will be both safe and effective. A product or ingredient that you may deem safe could counteract with something planned during the treatment. Let’s nip that in the bud before it happens, so you leave with calm happy skin. 

Lastly, clients often already have pretty good products but aren’t using them in a way that will make them most effective. A snapshot of what you already use allows me to confirm proper application before adding additional products to your regimen. 


2. Detail What You Would Like to Improve About Your Skin

Even if you have near flawless skin, you came in to get a facial for a reason. I personally obsess over looking as radiant as possible, and I’m down for any treatment that will minimize the bags around my eyes. Whether you’re seeking the solution to maskne management or hope to erase fine lines, be able to describe one or two things you would like to see improved with your skin. This way your esthetician can expertly craft a facial plan to help get you there. 


3. Set Realistic Expectations (One Facial is a First Step)

Even if acne or sun damage seems to have popped up overnight, the truth is, those conditions have been building up overtime in the deep dermal layers of your skin before suddenly making an appearance on the skin’s surface. One facial can improve the clarity of your pores, boost hydration, and refine skin texture. However, for more serious skin concerns like acne or hyperpigmentation, a single facial is a first step in a series to get your skin to where you want it. 

Be patient! As your esthetician, I’m on this ride with you, and am just as excited to see your transformation as you are. Working together, we will get you the skin you desire. And on that note…


4. Hear Us Out (We Want You to get the Best Facial Possible)

I get it, nobody likes a pushy salesperson- especially not in a setting that is supposed to provide an enjoyable experience. An honest esthetician won’t sell you on unnecessary services and products that have nothing to do with your goal, but we also would be doing you a disservice by not offering more advanced facials that can fast track your results at a higher price.

 Of course, it’s always okay to decline, but I encourage you to hear us out on what we offer and how it may benefit your skin. Ultimately, you can file that information away for a later facial once you’ve established trust and comfort with your esthetician (or budgeted for the additional expense). 

5. Tell Your Esthetician Everything, Even the Cringy Stuff 

  While there’s no Hippocratic Oath for estheticians, a reputable esthetician still operates under a great deal of integrity. Similar to a doctor’s visit, I need to know all the details of your skin’s history. Numerous internal and external factors have major impacts on skin such as:  allergies, medications, pregnancy, hormone therapy, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory conditions.

 Even less serious matters like a recent eyebrow wax or Botox touchup can impact your treatment, so keep us looped in! Just like a doctor, whatever you share stays confidential.


6. Speak Up (Enjoy Your Facial)

I love when clients ask me questions! It’s a chance for me to flex my expertise and for you to feel confident and comfortable during your session. Sometimes, though, I get so enthusiastic to share my knowledge that I get carried away and might not realize my clients’ brows begin to knit with confusion. Please, I encourage you to jump in and ask for clarification! 

Further- if the massage pressure is too hard or the room is too cold, or you’re not in the mood for extractions- let me know, I can redirect to create the experience you desire. 


7. Dress for Success

Love your regular facials and get eyelash extensions? Try to book your facial around your lash fills so it’s not a stress point if they get mussed up a bit. Also, wear minimal ear and neck jewelry so your baubles won’t catch on the facial towels or get in the way of blissful moments like neck and shoulder massage. 

As spa robes and wraps have fallen out of fashion, sporting a tank top or V-neck shirt is a great way to show up for your facial so your esthetician can access the underside of your chin, your neck, and decolletage. 


8. Relax 

Remember, stress causes wrinkles, tense muscles and breakouts and I want to minimize all of that for you 😉


9. Book Your Next Appointment 

Estheticians can do some pretty nifty stuff but we aren’t complete magicians. It’s imperative that you come back regularly so consistent progress can be made on your skin. Depending on the treatment plan you and your esthetician come up with, you may schedule your skincare sessions as often as every 2 weeks or in 4 to 6 week intervals.


10. Be On Time 

 Cutting the time of your service is one of my least favorite things to do because it does not allow me to give you my absolute best. Set a reminder in your calendar that your appointment is 15 minutes earlier than it really is so you have time to find parking, fill out any necessary intake forms, use the washroom, and fully enjoy the duration of your treatment. This is our quality time together, and you deserve it! 


Do you see any tips on this list that haven’t crossed your mind before? Have any you’d like to add? Share in the comments below. 

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